What is Ovoice?

You are a project manager, programmer, graphic designer or marketer? Maybe you have a consulting or construction company?

Are you searching for the best cloud-based project management tool? You also want to track time, generate invoices, store your clients and products information in one place. Are you tired of jumping between applications, writing spreadsheets, managing your projects by hand? 

Ovoice is a simple, user-friendly business management platform, integrating a range of applications in one central hub. 
Ovoice can be used by companies, freelancers, individuals and entrepreneurs to manage projects, collaborate with and monitor distributed teams, share files, complete tasks, generate invoices, track performance and be more productive.

What we offer

Integrated online customer relationship management (CRM) and project management 
makes sure you are on top of critical business processes.

Project management

Simple and powerful project management tools for freelancers, coworkers, business owners and teams.

Intuitive time tracking

Easy drag & drop time tracking

Easy Online Invoicing

No more calculations and spreadsheets. Generate invoices with a single click.

Powerfull analytics

Burn down chart, cumulative flow diagram, progress tracking, cycle time - we've got it all

Contact management

Keep your clients and contacts in one place. Add a customer to a project or invoice with ease.

File sharing integration

Attach files to your tasks from Google Drive, Onedrive and Dropbox

Who can use it


All tools that you need to manage your projects efficiently and effectively at minimal cost. Track time for your work and bill invoices for projects.


Easily collaborate with team members in real time, track time on tasks, post comments, mentions and tags.


Add tasks for your new marketing campaign, save your resources to the knowledge base. Track your progress with Ovoice's advanced analytics


Collaborate with your teammates in real time, monitor team,'s performance and other critical project metrics.


Captuere your ideas, tasks, manage campaigns, monitor project and team progress and performance, collaborate with your team from every point of the globe.


Visualize your work with the kanban board or as a simple to-do list. Save your resources to the knowledge base. Generate invoices and send them to clients with a single click